How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria


How to start mini importation in Nigeria
Are you a student and pondering for means of making money in school, are you planning of owning your boutique for clothes and shoes, etc. This article is for you and I’ll explain in full details on how to start mini importation in Nigeria

Table of contents

  • Where to buy products
  • Different between 1688 and another international website.
  • choice your niche
  • Create sales channels
  • Create your store ( Website)
  • How to recognized fake products
  • Shipping of the product to Nigeria

Are you ready, ok let start

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  • Where to buy products

There are tons of international websites to buy products but I’ll list view and explain one you need most, so to starting mini importation here in Nigeria. Here is the website

  1. 1688
  2. aliexpress
  3. dhghate
  4. Alibaba
  5. Wish and many more

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  • Difference between 1688 and other Websites.

There are many things that make be diff from other Websites cause of its tons advantage.

  1. 1688 is a manufacturer website which has made the product very cheap for reseller’s
  2. They charge in yuan, one Yuan is equal to #56 in Nigeria while others website charge in the dollar and we all know how much a dollar cost
  3. You can see how many years the manufacturer has been existing in China
  • Choice your niche.

This aspect is also the most important part of mini importation mainly because you have to know what your importation would be about. For example, if you’re a hairdresser this is good for you to be importing wags, growing gel and other things Partain to hairdressing,

Here is a list of the niche you can still go for

  1. Wristwatch
  2. Fashion ( shoes, clothes, bags)
  3. Electric gadgets
  4. Beauty products
    Many more
  • Create sales channels.

This is the aspect that requires hard working and how you present your products. Here are lists of websites you can start selling for Free

  1. Jiji
  2. Instagram
  3. Usnappy
  4. Jumia and more

You can still make use of Facebook ads paying by creating an advertisement for your product to reach more people, and make sure you create a facebook page for business.

  • Create your website.

This is also important for your business to disseminate across the cities, having your website would make your customers know how real is your business.

Your website can also be a medium, where your customers can be making others for goods you have in stock.
Also to see more details about the products you are selling, so they would know your products are not fake, You can create your website with Shopify. So click to learn on how to create an online store

  • How to recognize fake products.

You must always do the survey on the product page of what u want to buy.

Recognizing fake products is very easy as ABC, what you have to do to recognize the fake product is by reading the reviews of the product on the product page of what you want to import.

There you will be read feedback on the product from buyers all over the world. You will see from the reviews that, this product is good, buy it or this product is fake don’t buy it.

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  • Shipping of product to Nigeria.

if you see any product to buy on 1688 to ship to Nigeria, kindly contact us

This Mini importation is a good business for anymore aspire to become online marketer, so you can start this business with just 30-70k, and be remunerate 50-70 monthly it depends on your hardworking

don’t be hesitate to ask questions on the comment box below


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